Automatic arrangement of labels

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The task of Automatic arrangement of titles is intended for creation of titles by semantics of objects.

For titles creation it is necessary to customize parameters of the task's execution in the following order:

1. To choose a map for titles creation;

2. To choose or to enter a scale of signing;

3. To add signed objects into the table of signed objects;

4. To customize parameters of each object's signing:

a) to define the list of signed semantics;

b) to define the size of title;

c) to set parameters, depending on the type of object;

- parameters of signing point objects;

- parameters of signing linear objects;

- parameters of signing the polygon objects;


Process of titles creation is started by pressing the Ok button.

All settings can be saved into a file by clicking on the «Save parameters ...» button. Later this file can be loaded by the button «Load parameters …». At loading parameters there are compared the keys and names of signed objects (and also the codes and names of signed semantics) from a file and from the classifier of again signed map. If discrepancies are found, the saved settings will not be loaded. Thus, to use saved parameters it is necessary with a map created by the same classifier or by the classifier with the same signed objects and semantics.