Parameters of labeling linear objects

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Position of the title concerning a signed line

Offset specifies the offset title relative to the line being signed. Positive offset - the title above the line, negative - under the line.

If on that place where it is necessary to create the title, already there is earlier created title then the specification of the title position is carried out. The title is displaced along a line concerning ideal position until the empty space will be found. The step of displacement in one iteration of position specification is set in parameter the Step of position specification.

Vertical alignment of the title line defines, how the signed line will pass concerning the title text - from above, from below, by the centre or by a base line. In the multi-line titles the line, which will be located on the signing line, is defined by the parameter In the multiline title along the line is written. There are available the modes - top line, bottom line,  average odd line, an average even line, average longer line. Modes with average line differ, if the number of lines in the title is even one, if the number of lines is odd one, then along a line the average line will subscribe.

Below there are the ways of drawing labels onto a map:



1) Label without offsetting (in one line)


2) Along a line the «top string» is written


3) Along a line the «bottom string» is written


4) Along a line the «middle odd string» is written


5) Along a line the «middle even string» is written


6) Along a line the «middle longer string» is written


Repeating titles

The maximum and minimum intervals determine the range of allowable distance between the titles.

Indent from line edge defines onto what part of the interval the first and the last titles from line edges will be displaced.