Installation of color palette


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The palette of the image is formed according to the relation of value of absolute height in a concrete point of model to the minimal and maximal value of height of matrix of heights used for building the model.



The palette of the image is the two-interval palette, i.e. three colors participate in formation of a palette: initial (1), intermediate (2) and final (3).

Distribution of colors in a palette is shown in a color scale (4). The border of color intervals is set in % to the common length of a scale (5). Its position is specified on a scale (6).

It is possible to change position of intervals border, having specified its new position on a color scale. If it is necessary for you to use an one-interval scale (for example, if you want to change color from dark blue up to red, without intermediate color), you must move the indicator of intervals border into extreme right position and use for adjustment of the image only initial and intermediate colors.

It is possible to change the initial, intermediate and final colors, having chosen a corresponding rectangle by mouse.

After changing of parameters of a color palette the reforming of the image automatically is not made. To bring into accordance the image of model with the color palette adjusted by you it is necessary to press Update button (7).

After adjustment of all parameters of the image it is necessary to press Save button.

In case you have specified a name of existing (including already added into an electronic map) file of the raster image, it will be replaced.

Formation of the raster image is made by a copy of the screen image of model, and a step of formation of model is the fixed number. Therefore accuracy (granularity) of the received in a result the image depends on the resolution of your monitor and the area of the site chosen you.

If you want to receive more exact image, it is necessary to execute building of the image "in parts" (consistently to build the image on separate sites of a map). However separate sites should be formed with identical parameters of the image (vertical scale, parameters of lighting and color palette). Besides, sites should be approximately of one size.

Visual parameters (palette and vertical scale) can be saved into file of adjustments, and at forming the following site these parameters can be restored .