Forming relief shading

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Procedure is intended for giving the greater obviousness to electronic map by creation of the background image of a relief shading (hypsometric colouring of a surface).

The background image is created as file of RSW type which automatically is added to the image of electronic map after completion of procedure.

All procedures which are executed with the usual raster 24-bit image are accessible to the raster image of relief shading  (change of brightness and contrast, installation of area of displaying, etc.).

After start of procedure it is necessary to choose designed area on an electronic map (by consecutive choice of two tops of a rectangle).

It is necessary to remember, that normal execution of procedure possibly only at presence on a designed part of the open (beforehand created and added into an electronic map) matrixes of heights.

The area which has been not provided with a matrix of heights will be painted by black color.

After a choice of a part of a map the surface forming is made and the window of preliminary viewing of the image is created.

The window of preliminary viewing serves for adjustment of visual properties of the created image:

directions of lighting;

values of vertical scale (degree of "camber" of model);

color palette of the image.