Forming classifier in the form of Microsoft Excel table

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To prepare the information of classifier in the form of the table it is possible, having chosen Run Application item in Tools menu. From the offered list of applications choose Processing of classifier item and further: Forming classifier in the form of Microsoft Excel table.

To place the information of the classifier into the table, it is necessary to execute the following actions:

- in Map name window choose the classifier from the list of classifiers of an open map or one of its user maps;

- in Table name window choose a name of a file for saving the classifier of the chosen map in the form of the table;

- switch on (to switch off) buttons: Object table, Layer table, Semantic table;

- choose the Report style (short or full);

- choose layers and types, having pressed the Filter button. In the appeared dialogue to set the necessary layers and types. The specified filter apply only onto the objects table of the classifier;

- press Execute button and form a file of tables for the chosen classifier. Each of classifier tables is formed on a separate sheet.