Map Computer

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The mode Map Computer (Tools menu) is a component of Panorama system and give the means of calculations performance based on usage of the different metric information about vector map objects, including - segment length, perimeter, area of object or arbitrary terrain segment etc.

The process control of calculations is executed by additional control panel located at the right part of a screen. Control panel and indicator of executed calculations make up the applied calculator.

The control panel represents a set of keys, each of which corresponds to the certain calculation mode.

The call of the calculations mode is carried out by pressing of the appropriate key.

The key assignment is commented in message line at cursor presence above the ap propriate  key.

It is possible as calculations performance irrelevant with digital electronic map data so as  usage  of the different data about terrain – lengths, distances, areas etc. Transition from a mode to a mode is possible at any time.

All map image controls are accessible during calculations performance (color, scale, map contents, current map image fragment,  map background etc. - may be changed at any moment for convenience of  object processing).

Map calculation modes:

ici_653 - Buffer zone for selected object;

ici_524 - Buffer zone for marked object;

ici_528 - Subpanel Crossing of objects;

ici_555 - Sub-panel Work with select map object;

ici_520 - Area object of map;

ici_525 - Area info objects of map with identical type;

ici_519 - Area (Polygon area);

ici_565 - Sub-panel Length and distance;

ici_526 - Building orthodrome;

ici_527 - Building loxodrome;

ici_600 - Construction of isolines by surface;  

ici_536 - Sub-panel Elevation matrix of heights;

ici_550 - Subpanel work with matrixes of heights;

ici_521 - Map calculator;

ici_522 - Recalculation of coordinates in text files;

ici_574 - Sub-panel Matrix of layers;

ici_593 - Subpanel Operations with surfaces;

ici_586 - Sub-panel Work with net;

ici_605 - Show result.