Adjustment of elevations matrixes

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This task is intended for adjustment of elevations matrixes in the works region.

Task's dialogue contains the list of open matrixes. The operator can exclude a number of matrixes from processing, having marked the appropriate names of matrixes in window the Matrix list.

The task may operate in the following regimes:

- Control;

- Edit.

To perform the control of matrix information it is necessary to choose the operating mode: Control. In this mode there is a comparison of matrixes elevations in points with identical planimetric coordinates (x, y). Results of control (values of elevations of matrixes elements and their planimetric coordinates) are put into a protocol file mtwadjus.log. The name of the protocol file can be chosen, having pressed the button «». In the control's mode the threshold of error is used that can be set by the operator. Threshold of error is equal to allowable deviation between elevations of matrixes in a point with identical planimetric coordinates.

For editing the matrix information it is necessary to choose the Edit operating mode, thus, a threshold of error is not used. In the edit mode there is the smoothing elevations of matrixes in the area of overlapping by the method of calculating the weighted average values of elevations. In case of specifying the mode of Averaging elevations into overlap area the arithmetical mean values of elevations are put.

The operator can save copies of the original matrix with the extension *.bak at specifying the mode: Save matrix copies.