Export of a vector map to formats SXF, TXF, DIR

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Format SXF is a format of an exchange and storing vector maps in archive. SXF format can have the binary form or text - in the form of TXF file. For ease of import and export of multiple maps (from two to several thousand) may be used a text file DIR, containing a list of files SXF and TXF. Under the map can be understood as a separate layer, sheet or a set of adjacent sheets with a common passport.

One sheet of vector map is stored in one file or SXF TXF. Classifier of objects and library of conventional symbols (RSC) are not written into file SXF (TXF).

Vector map is saved without changing the projection and coordinate system. Sheets of topographical maps are saved with recording coordinates in that zone in which the map sheet is located.

Coordinates may be recorded by the user's choice in flat rectangular system of coordinates in meters or in geodetic system of coordinates in degrees or radians.

When you save a vector map in text format TXF, you can specify the accuracy of the stored coordinates (number of decimal places), if the coordinates are recorded in meters. The coordinates in radians are recorded with an accuracy of 10 digits, in degrees - 8.

The user can select a list of layers and objects that will be saved by using the Filter button.

Multisheet map (MAP) or a set of separate maps can be saved into files SXF or TXF with simultaneous formation of file DIR (the list of files SXF and TXF).