Converter to PostScript

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PostScript is a programming language, designed for printing illustrations in exactly the form in which they are visible on the screen.

The program Converter to PostScript is designed to convert data from internal format of GIS Map 2011 into the PostScript format.

Program Converter to PostScript is framed in the form of applied task for GIS Map 2011.

Running the converter is under the control of the system Map 2011 from menu Tools/Run application.

The input data are files of internal map format.

The output data is a file in PostScript format, which has the same name as the raster data file placed in the same directory with the extension *. eps.

Modus Operandi.

1. Place this task into a list of applications of the system Map 2011 Converter to PostScript format.

2. Choose the initial map.

3. Call this task from the list of applications.

4. The screen will show a dialog box, which will include:

- name of the input map;

- output file name;

- areas for choice of conversion fragment.

5. Passport needed for the output file is generated automatically.

6. Call the program for execution by pressing the Run button.

7. For emergency exit or interrupt while the program is converting, you can use Cancel button.

8. During the process of converting the screen displays the status line with % fulfillment.

9. During the process of converting the protocol of the program is formed in the same directory as the output data to a text file with the same name but with the extension *. log.

Error information is filled in the protocol of work.