Map creation in local coordinate system

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The task is intended for creation of a map in local coordinate system (LCS) on the basis of the open map supporting recalculation to geodetic coordinates (CS95, CS63, UTM, CS42 etc.). Again created map will have Large-scale plan type and to contain objects with coordinates of the metrics in LCS. The derivative map does not support the recalculation to geodetic coordinates. It allows to create plans of territories for the open using. Creation of the large-scale plan in local system of coordinates is carried out according to parameters of recalculation in LCS.

If parameters in the initial document are not set (menu Options \ Local coordinate system) it is necessary to make inquiry about their reception. To this purpose use the corresponding button of dialogue Set parameters LCS.

Derivative map, onto which objects with  recalculated in LCS metrics are copied, is created in a subdirectory of data "LCS" by the first in the list of initial maps if the user has not specified other folder for placing result.

The task also provides a reverse recalculation of the coordinates of map objects' metric, which is of the type Large-Scale Plan, from the local coordinate system (LCS) to the coordinates of the system that is selected from the list - CS42, CS95, UTM.

Parameters of recalculation and the value of the axial meridian are assigned by the user.