Assignment of task, conditions of execution, and structure of modes

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ic_188 The applied task «Engineering-geological column» is intended for data input about structure of soils on an electronic map, preparation and formation of engineering-geological columns and cuts.  

For a call of the task it is necessary to create or open a map created on the basis of the classifier geology.rsc and to call onto execution Geology.dll module. Geology.rsc classifier contains a set of objects and semantic characteristics necessary for task's functioning. The library of the symbols stored in the given classifier, contains the conventional symbols specified in GOST 21.302-96.  


Task is presented in the form of the panel with a set of action buttons:  

ic_181 - Drawing of points of engineering-geological researches (boreholes);

ic_182 - Viewing and editing of attributes in points of engineering-geological researches;

ic_183 - Construction of engineering-geological columns;

ic_184- Subpanel Calculation and building by matrix of heights;

ic_185- Subpanel Matrix of layers;

ic_186 - Option of parameters of functioning of a task;  

ic_187 - Exit.