Auxiliary programs for land management

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Purpose of a program complex Execution of geodesy calculations is an ensuring of the engineer - land-surveyor by a set of auxiliary programs for the decision of tasks of calculation and equalizings of results of topographic-geodetic researches of district. All programs of a complex allow to carry out formation of accounting documents and drawing of results of calculation onto a map.

In a geodetic practice most often it is necessary to solve three tasks: the calculation of triangles by angles and the side, using the theorem of sine, a direct and a return geodetic task on a plane.

a) Direct geodetic task on a plane. If a horizontal position of distance between two points and its direction angle, and also coordinates of an initial point of a line are known and it is required to define coordinates of a final point of a line, such task is called as a direct geodetic task

b) Return geodetic task on a plane. Definition of length of a piece of a straight line and its direction angle by coordinates of its final points is called as a return (inverse) geodetic task.


After you start the task Geodesy calculations in the left bottom corner of "Panorama" window will appear the panel with a set of buttons. Each button corresponds to one procedure of a complex.




The given complex of programs allows to execute processing of results of field measurements and drawing up of the accounting documentation in the form of sheets. All the carried out procedures which are a part of a complex are connected among themselves by the programs and carry out automatic data exchange during an execution of calculations. Each procedure represents a separate dialogue, for calculation of corresponding data.

The software of a complex allows to carry out following functions:

ic_0004 Creation and maintenance of the coordinates catalogue tables;

ic_0005 Geodesic binding;

ic_0006 Construction and adjustment of Traverse (theodolitic (tacheometric) course);

ic_0007 Decision of the direct geodetic task;

ic_0008 Decision of return geodetic task;

ic_0009 Levelling;

ic_0010 Equalization of polygon Traverses of any form by korrelatnym way;

ic_0219 Exit.


The software of a complex allows also to execute adjustment (equalizing) of theodolitic courses with several nodes.

The execution of calculations can be made for each procedure independently, not reflecting about links between procedures. But it is possible to construct the calculations so that the data received in one procedure, automatically were transferred into others, reducing that quantity of manual operations and excepting errors of manual input. The program allows to adjust a format of data for report (angles, units of lines, coordinates); a view and structure of the objects, placed on a map and on the scheme into the report; the admissions used at calculations and equalizing; to enter attributive data on land tenure and to form reports by these data. During an execution of calculations the opportunity of saving and subsequent use of the points coordinates, received during calculations is stipulated.


For convenience of using all procedures of a complex we shall show how to

Organize process of performing geodetic calculations;

Adjust parameters of performing geodetic tasks;

Use of the opportunities of the coordinates catalogue.