Save attributes in DBF file program allows to create databases files of .dbf type or text files on the basis of the information about preliminary marked objects of a vector map.

For creation of the user database it is necessary:

1. Mark the interesting you objects on a vector electronic map (Search and mark).

At creation of a database the classifier and the information about marked objects of that map to which they belong are taken into account.

2. Make active a task of creation of the user database.

3. Define structure of the created base by a choice from the offered list of semantic characteristics, presented in the description of marked objects, those which should be present in the created base. Besides a serial number of object, number of subobject, numbers of a point and semantic characteristics, it is possible to include in structure of created base the additional  information about map objects:

- name of map object (from the classifier);

- name of a layer to which the object belongs;

- type (character of localization) of object;

- length (perimeter) of object;

- area of object (the length and the area can be written down in meters and square meters or in km. or square kilometers, depending on what option is included);

- rectangular coordinates (X, Y);

- absolute height (Н);

- geodetic coordinates B, L in degrees;

- geodetic coordinates B, L in degrees, minutes, seconds;

- geodetic coordinates B, L in radians.

At switching buttons "All points of metrics" and "Coordinates of center" it will be kept or all coordinates of the object metrics, or only coordinates of the object center.

Separator (fields will be separated by symbol "|", what allows to transform the received information into table Word or Exel).

4. Specify a name of  formed database file.

When you select a file name with an extension other than "dbf", output of information is performed into a file of the appropriate type:

txt - the text file,

xls - Microsoft Excel file,

htm – html format file,

csv - the text file.

In the formation of a textual csv-file the character specified in the "Columns separator in CSV file" field is used as a separator.

At formation of structure of a database the fields determining semantic characteristics of objects, will have the short names of corresponding characteristics described in the map classifier (in the list of semantic characteristics these names are shown in brackets).

Values of the semantic characteristics having type "classifier" can be saved as codes or in the decoded kind (at the included option "Decode").

For example, value of semantics "Condition" can look as number:

"1", "2" (in not decoded kind), or as "INHABITED", "UNINHABITED", "PROJECTED", etc. (in the decoded kind).

If recalculation into geodetic coordinates is inaccessible for the current map, the corresponding options will be inaccessible.

Load into EXCEL button is intended for saving data about object in EXCEL table.

During processing the created records of database automatically will be linked with corresponding map objects.

After termination of the program's work it is necessary to open the created base by means of the Database utility.